Thursday, August 25, 2005

An Evening At The Roller Rink

My first "French" kiss was at the roller rink (no not last night). Good old Ken Hyde, and we were in Jr. High School. I remember nothing except thinking, "hm. This isn't as gross as I thought it would be."

There was a fund-raiser last night for the school. Both the girls were WAY excited. I knew there was no way out of it, especially when they jumped in the van after school donning a sticker that said, "Don't forget about Skateland tonight!" Oy.

OK, I was excited too. Girls night out at the roller rink. Skating with my girls. Mingling with the school-folk. It would be fun, if I didn't fall on my ass.

So, after waiting a half-hour in line to get in, we got our skates, then I got in the food line to get them a pizza for dinner. Twenty-minutes there, and had to help them both with their skates while waiting in line. Allison took off to find her friends as soon as I tied her laces, and Samantha went BOOM! right on her butt within 15 seconds.

She gingerly got her footing, and proceeded to get comfortable skating on the carpet, while I finally was able to put my skates on. Tadaaa!!!!! I looked around for my girls, and they were no-where to be found. Hmph. Finally I found Sam, but she didn't want to go out on the rink. She was enjoying skating down the ramp and catching herself at the last moment with the railing.

Then Allison. Well, I was not stepping in the love-triangle that is between her, her best friend, and the cute little boy between them. Yikes.

I then admitted defeat in my girls night out, and went to converse with the other parents.
Because, really when you think about it, that is where I belong now when I go to the roller rink.
I did get a couple times around though. And yes, it was fun.

And no, I didn't fall on my ass.

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