Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attitude Is Everything

I'm well into the 9th week of training, and I have to say I am having a blast! Last week was another good week in my training. When I went to my chiropractor this week I realized it was the first time I said I felt HAPPY with how things were going and how my body was feeling. My mental attitude also did a complete turn-around:

Miles: 18.91 Comments: 0
Time: 05:35 Motivations: 1
Calories: 2877 Among Friends: 4
Workouts: 6

Last week the six half-mile repeats were difficult, but I got through them. Making sure I give myself enough time is key, because if I start feeling rushed by the clock, then it starts to go downhill. That's what happened on my second key run of the week. I was feeling good, feeling really good actually, but had to cut it short due to time.

I noticed some other positive effects as I modified my training. I stopped the cross-training on my off days. Giving my body a bit more time to recover in-between key runs has definitely helped my performance. AND, I lost a few more pounds too, which also contributes. I think that is going to continue to be my strategy until the half-marathon. The most important thing is to take care of my legs and feet! I got some other tips from this great blog post from a more seasoned runner. I was also happy to find that I am incorporating several of these things all ready. It's good to have affirmation that you're doing something right.

So, as I said I've all ready completed my first Key Run this week, which were quarter-mile repeats. 12 of them! Looking back, the very first week of training were the exact same sprints. After re-reading how I handled them the first time, I'm happy to say I've definitely accomplished a lot in 9 weeks. I can jog or walk through my rest intervals, and I had a REALLY difficult time doing that in the beginning.

The rest of this week is a medium tempo run for approx. 7 miles, then an 8 mile long run this weekend. I will keep giving myself more rest between key runs, but I tell you it's not easy. I like being out there and active. Have to keep thinking long-term however. If these results keep up, it will be very easy to do.

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