Saturday, May 27, 2006

The most casual graduation on record

Well there you have it. I'm officially old. Isn't that what happens when you have two children who are now BOTH grade-school age? Yesterday was Samantha's little Kindergarten graduation. Right before their splash day, LOL!

Yeah, I cried. I imagine it must be hard on the teachers too, after all in Montessori you stay with the same student's for three years. I'm sure emotional attachments can be made in just one year- but three? That's alot of growing and development that these teachers are a part of. Allison is moving up to another class as well, she told me even SHE was crying.

But I love it deep down. The greatest joy being a mother has brought me is watching these two grow, and seeing the beautiful people they have become, and will continue to be. (One hopes!)

(Sam is to the left, second over from the tall girl in the middle)

Onward to the first grade!
I need a drink...

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