Friday, June 13, 2008

The Cutler's Summer Of Fun Begins!

This was one long day. After goodbyes to the dog and stopping to top off the gas tank, we were on our way!

Unfortunately, a meanie stomach virus that Allison was being bothered with made it's way over to Bret, so our trip took just a bit longer. However, I now know all the rest stops from Phoenix to Albuquerque. This also meant I drove the entire way, which makes me rather drained right now. Bret offered several times, but I didn't want to stress him with that on top of not feeling well.

We did manage to have a good drive up though. We stopped at the Petrified Forest for lunch, then took a route through a bit of the Painted Desert before reconnecting with I-40. Absolutely stunning. I will probably upload a few photos to Flickr tonight. I will do that periodically throughout the trip, then when we get home I will upload everything else. If today was any indication, we should have thousands of photos to sort through once we're home! Yikes!

Anyway, we got into town around 8:30, then met up with the family. SO good to see them! Tomorrow Katie and I are going to check out the fitness center here at the hotel. Oh heck, we might even exercise too! I certainly know there is a beautiful pool out there that will require my attention tomorrow as well... but for now, I rest.

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Anonymous said...

the summer of fun title...the pic of you knocked out on the sofa...priceless!