Monday, June 02, 2008

Clearing the dust... preparing for adventure!

Updated some links, deleted some things. Summer is here, and I'm about to head out for a 6-week adventure with my family. Where better to put the adventures in a place that has been very VERY neglected since September?

June 13th is when the fun begins, and we drive out to Albuquerque for my (foster) Aunt's wedding. I absolutely love that we are leaving on Friday the 13th! (13 is my favorite/lucky number) From there it's to Colorado on the 16th, then Kansas. We fly to Boston after that, on the 25th or 26th , then from there a few days in NYC. BACK to Boston, and over the Atlantic for 8 days in London! Then the trip in reverse, minus a couple of stops. We should be back home sometime at the end of July.

Then I sleep, and count the days until school begins. ;-)

You can grab this feed in the sidebar to follow with ease, or you will definitely see updates via Twitter, as well as photos being uploaded periodically on Flickr. I won't have regular podcasts, but I am bringing the mobile podcast gear along, so you might have a surprise update here and there in the podcast feed. :-)

So... away we go!

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