Friday, April 28, 2006

34 Wishes...

Because it's more fun sharing, and I don't plan on blowing out any candles today! I am not sure if I will come up with 34, but here we go! In no particular order except for the randomness of my own mind:

I Wish~

1. To have someone else get the kids ready for school.
2. To be as excited about my birthday as my children are about it.
3. To be kissed 34* times. :-) *Bonus: in 34 places...
4. To be serenaded by a friend.
5. To look back fondly over the past year at how I've grown.
6. To look back fondly over the past year at how I've not grown.
7. To look ahead and get excited over the possibility.
8. Peace in the Middle East.
9. For George Bush and his ilk to live as Buddhists for 24 hours.
10. For everyone to use the possible "gas rebate" for a more worthy cause.
11. A Pedicure.
12. A backrub.
13. My clean laundry pile to miraculously disappear from the foot of my bed.
14. Birthday sex. (Duh!)
15. No borders.
16. To read more.
17. To meditate more.
18. To take that step.
19. To see how far I can take this podcasting thing.
20. well as continue to help this one flourish.
21. To help form a stronger third political party in the United States.
22. For everyone to do their part to slow down global warming.
23. Yes people, it does exist.
24. Just ask this guy.
25. For someone to know that Truth Seekers is still a safe place for him.
26. ...and that his absence is felt.
27. Birthday sex.
28. To shake Amy Goodman's hand.
29. To get to Ontario in September.
30. To get my nephews here at Christmas.
31. Yes, my California nephew too!
32. As well as all attached parents.
33. #12
34. #14

OK, I was hurting for ideas at the end. Well then, Happy Birthday to me! I guess I'd better get to bed so I'm not a total grump on this day!

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Schnugglebunnums said...

Wow! We made the birthday wish list! I'm honored.

Happy Birthday, m'dear!!!!