Monday, January 23, 2006

A minute of truth... on my soapbox

This little one-minute audio was emailed to me:

It was great... and very true. And very sad.

It's a reminder of that although Katrina was when- End of AUGUST? Not a thing has changed... not a thing has happened to remove the president. Sure, calls for independent counsels.. everyone yelling and screaming. Pointing fingers. Blaming. It goes back even further than Katrina, of course.

But tell me what has changed? Remember when the Senate closed their session? What the hell happened with that?

Not a thing.

And what about this? January 10th indictments were supposed to be handed out. Funny no one knew about it- and it certainly didn't make CNN. The day passed without a word... even on my political network no one gave it much thought.

It's shameful. But the reason nothing is changing is because the conservatives are in power. I mean think about it. When Clinton was president, how quickly did they jump on his impeachment? How quickly was Whitewater given to an independent counsel and investigated, and pushed forward?

It doesn't matter what political party is in the WH, the conservatives are always in power. America hasn't been about doing what is right, and having any integrity for 30 years. Since Nixon. Nixon is the last time I remember ( I say remember but really I was 2) any president taking responsibility for their actions- for their COUNTRY and stepping down. Why is this? Look at how the Dems are bending over and allowing Alito into our third branch of government. All three branches will be controlled by conservatives. Where is the balance? Too late- the scales are tipped.

They give us a little- (ie fall guys like Scooter Libby)- to trick the people into thinking the system still works and can be believed in. What saddens me is the TRICK WORKS. If Americans (as a whole) were not falling for it, Bush and his cronies would not still be in power. Alito would not be confirmed.

Now we are in another major election year- plenty of seats up for grabs. Funny how an Osama tape appears. Funny how the media starts comparing Dems/Liberals/Michael Moore to Osama. Funny how Karl Rove comes right out and says that Terror WILL be a major election issue this year.

The people aren't angry enough. And in today's "easy-to-obtain" what you want, over stimulated and over prozac-ed America, you have to wonder if the people ever will be. And now anger will be squashed with fear, and a false sense of security.

Quite the cycle, quite the spin. When are we going to finally break it?

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