Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Home Warm Home

What a weather change. From snow, to snow/rain mush, to sun and warm. All within 8 hours. The kids and I were SO excited waking up this morning to a few inches of snow on the ground. I was actually ENJOYING helping Bret put the luggage in the car.. and though no one saw me I did stick my tongue out and caught a few flakes giggling like a child. :-)

Bret didn't appreciate it quite as much. Actually not at all. I guess you can't take the sun out of a desert rat. :-( I don't think I'm going to ever live on the east coast...

To back up a bit, New Year's Eve was very nice. We spent a nice evening with my aunts, and my Cioci Bert (Roberta) cooked enough food for a group of 20. Then we watched movies and various sporting events up until midnight, and watched the ball drop. THEN all the kids grabbed some pots and utensils, ran downstairs and out the door banging them loudly and screaming.

Just another night in Brooklyn, I suppose. :-) Samantha just watched, she never likes to draw attention to herself if she doesn't have to.

The next day we drove back up to MA for one more day with my sister and family. It was very lazy and informal, and quite nice with no impending stressful holidays to worry about any longer. She and I even escaped for a few hours to do a little shopping. Well, I watched her do a little shopping. Though there were many things I certainly WANTED, I knew we were filled to the hilt to lug all the things we had accumulated home- and in our tin can of a rental car! Oy!!! Note to self- next time we UPGRADE. When your daughter complains she has pins and needles in her feet because she has luggage on top of them because there is no other room- you know you need a bigger car.

Anyway, so now we are home. Sandi was well taken care of, yet still VERY happy to see all of us when we arrived. We had another quick Christmas because there were still the presents from all the Cutler's under the tree we needed to open, and it was pointless to ask the kids to wait. They are also VERY excited about returning to school tomorrow. They did so wonderfully this vacation, having to share such close quarters for the past 2 1/2 weeks. We even got comments on the plane about what well-behaved children we have! I didn't find it necessary to explain why I had to sit between them for the flight home... so we'll just let them keep believing I have well-behaved kids. :-P

Although I do feel so sad leaving the east coast, for so many reasons, it was also time to return home. And it will be a nice feeling to sleep in my own bed again.

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