Friday, July 01, 2005

Misplaced Anxiety

Which should be the slogan for my life at times. I get myself all worked up about things- think "too much" about them as a friend would say- then the moment is over and done with and I'm left wondering why I stressed in the first place.

Flying is my #1 example of this. The last time I flew (with the help of an airplane of course) I didn't sleep the entire week before, because I stress about it. I'm not good at putting things in a higher power's hands. I need to feel I am in control of a situation, and when you think about it are we ever REALLY in control of anything? Whatever is going to happen over the course of your life, is going to just happen. Unless you stay indoors your entire life, you really cannot predict the outcome. So I fly, and get off the plane on the other side, no worse for wear.

Today my daughter had tubes put in her ears to drain fluid that has been apparently there for quite some time. Now, the procedure is SO totally nothing- you wait around for two hours vs. the 10 minute procedure- so why should I worry, right?

Ha. You would think I had already rendered my daughter dead or something. She was even looking at me like I was a little insane. What made me let it go was the way she stoically decided she wanted to WALK with the nurse back to the operating room, rather than ride on the bed or have her father carry her. What a trooper.

I looked at my husband and said, "What am I worried about?"

He looked at me and said, "duh."

Because you can't tell an idiot they are acting like an idiot until they have realized they are being an idiot. :-))

When they came to get us, only one of us could go into the recovery room at first. I got up to go, then looked at my husband's face.

I smiled, and let him go in first.

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