Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kicking Off Another PodcampAZ!

5 Years. FIVE. That's how long PodcampAZ has been around, and how many times I've participated. Only have 4 shirts though. My very first one was ruined in an unfortunate oil accident at Bath and Body Works. It sure smells good though.

But I digress...

Every year I talk about how great it is, and every year it just gets better and better. That's because all the awesome people who plan this event and bring you the awesome get better and better at it too. Including this newly-redone website of awesomeness.

So it's time to mark that calendar. November 12-13. UAT. I really don't have to tell you how much I love this event. Register. Now. Go.

(This is the part where I cut and paste):

PodCampAZ, now in its 5th year, is pretty awesome, but we need people like you to let everyone else know. We’ll have FOUR genius panels, TWO parties and ONE new feature that’s NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED at PodCampAZ before.

If you’re new, fret not. We’ll still be offering intro to podcasting, blogging, social media and any other kind of relevant media we can come up with–think everything but TV and Radio–along with a host of volunteers whose sole purpose is to teach others.

New or experienced, you can help us out. Post this to your blog, Facebook notes page or in an email to all your friends. Tell them to pre-register, nominate speakers or volunteer.

PodCampAZ 2011 will be held November 12-13, from 9am(ish) to 3pm(ish) at the University for Advancing Technology.

See you there!

PodCampAZ 2011

November 12-13, University of Advancing Technology

9am to 3pm

Pre-register – http://podcampaz.org/register/

Speaker nomination - http://podcampaz.org/speakers/

Volunteer - http://podcampaz.org/volunteer/

UPDATE: And as a quick PS, I decided to speak at PodcampAZ this year! Only took 5 years of gathering up the courage. Or I've just had one cup of coffee too many today...

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