Monday, December 13, 2010

5 Weeks Left!

The time has just flown by- I can't believe I'm in the home-stretch of training for the PF Chang's Half Marathon! Looking ahead at the FIRST training program, the next couple of weeks are going to really push it, then naturally it backs off so I can be strong on race day. But first let's go back to this past week of training...

Repeats were good- 3x 1 mile runs. I'm still dealing with tightness in my right leg, but thanks to the massage and using the foam roller, it's considerably less. My lower back is practically pain-free too, which is 100% better in my opinion.

The second Key Run was an easy, relaxed 6 miles. No complaints there. It's still a challenge to ignore my time and run slow. The long run was also slow- 8 miles. It's easier to ignore time when you're outside running. I don't wear a watch or have a heart-rate monitor, just use the stopwatch on the iTouch and Daily Mile fills in the rest. I prefer it that way, otherwise I'd be looking at it all the time. Too distracting. Besides, it's not that difficult to know when your heart rate is high or low, when you're pushing or not. It's also how I know the repeats are working- my cardio is awesome. If it weren't for my leg pain I know I could keep running for miles.

The pain in my leg and back are the things that worry me the most about the half-marathon. The distance itself doesn't scare me at all. It's making sure all the parts of the machine are in working order.

So, this week. I am REALLLLY looking forward to repeats tomorrow- 10 quarter-mile ones! That will be fun, I can't wait to use the shorter distance to run faster. I would like to do all of them at the very least a 10 min. mile pace. Then the second run is a 5 mile mid-tempo, with the long run a whopping 10 miles! Another accomplishment waiting to happen, my longest has been 8. I just hope it's not another 80-degree weekend, I don't mind getting up early to run but I don't want to get up too early on the weekend! However I have to say that although I can't stand being in warm places, I'd rather run when it's too hot than too cold.

125 Mile Challenge: At 31 miles. Not sure if I'll make it to the full 125, but even 100 would be an accomplishment. The leader is at 73 miles! I think it's easier allot time for running when you're faster. Even looking at the 10 miles this weekend, I will need at least 2 hours, probably more. Anyway, it's fun to see what I can do, and it encourages me to get out there and run even on my off days.

I also just discovered a great organization called Girls On The Run. It's like Girl Scouts with a running theme. I just may have to look into getting involved with that, my younger daughter has really taken an interest in running and I would love to see that interest grow. Beyond that, just to support other girls and watch their confidence grow the way I know mine has since I began running, what a great idea.

Girl Power!

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