Friday, January 08, 2010

Over The Past 10 Years (with update)

(From 12/31/09 with update below)

I (in no particular order)...

*had my second daughter.
*started my own business.
*discovered I was lousy at running my own business.
*went on a cruise (10 year anniversary).
*discovered the online world.
*came out of my political shell
*found my voice.
*started a political forum
*met one of my closest friends and political allies- via the online world.
*started a podcast, now going into it's 4th year.
*started voice acting.
*became a radio personality.
*Hosted a live concert.
*was a PTA/O president.
*became a girl scout leader.
*traveled to England.
*traveled to Canada.
*was snowed in for 18 hours in Chicago O'Hare airport.
*learned to not want or need as much. This will remain a work-in-progress.
*learned how cruel people can be simply because they don't agree with your beliefs.
*grew a thicker skin.
*learned how supportive people can be because they do agree with your beliefs.
*said goodbye to some very important people in my life, because of death and drama.
*broke both my girls' hearts when I had to tell them they were losing their grandfather.
*said goodbye to my sweet sweet dog Sandi.
*made a lot of very good friends and connections thanks to the internet.
*discovered the importance of helping others.
*became an independent woman while being married and raising two children.
*watched my older daughter grow into a beautiful nearly teenage girl with pride and slight anxiety. But mostly pride.
*watched my younger daughter grow to remind me more and more of myself.
*developed a new appreciation for the man I married almost 17 years ago, and will always wonder how he finds the strength to put up with me. I may have gained my own sense of independence, but at the same time I don't know how I'd live without him.

The last 10 years were definitely a time of great personal growth. Maybe the next 10 will be a little more evened out! :-)

Happy New Year to everyone!

UPDATE: I forgot a couple things!

*won two podcasting awards, and was nominated for another
*was interviewed for a podcasting magazine

D'uh, how could I forget those things? :-)

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Katie said...

You've brought tears to my eyes and inspired me to write one myself. I love you!