Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day In My Life

My friend Jen Tucker (who also got me doing the Five Things meme), recently did a post going through one day in her life. It was fun to read and see a typical day in a friend's life. Not to mention I was part of her day! So I decided to do one of my own, because it looked like fun. Also thought it would be interesting to see exactly what I do in a day.

Turns out it's rather boring. Ok, very boring. But you know, I'm not complaining. I don't mind routine, since I have plenty of other days where I'm running around like a crazy woman. This just happened to be a slow day.

There are 45 photos- prepare yourself. Remember, if you think it's silly or stupid or don't want to read any further- then don't. I didn't do this for you. ;-)

Preparing to record my radio tracks for the day. However I've all ready been up for an hour and a half, getting the kids ready for school and out the door. Just didn't think about the camera before I had coffee in me.

The time. Coffee in hand, I head to the studio/office/storage and guest room to...

...record tracks for the radio!

Uploading... uploading... uploading...

So after that was done, I changed out of my PJ's and into my workout clothes. Then I noticed there was a message on the machine from my sister Katie. Since she's about to pop with baby #3 any day now....

I gave her a call! Turns out she is still waiting (I suggested a bike ride), but unfortunately had bad news regarding our Great Aunt Anita, who is back in the hospital (91 years old!). Once we got the sad news out of the way, we got to other topics...

Oh dear will you look at the time? I should probably get off the phone now...


Ok, NOW it's WiiFit time! I did pretty good this month- even with the three days we were at Disneyland.

What I've been averaging for a workout. About 30 minutes of the time has been running. I want to get that up to 45 minutes. Time to step it up a notch!

All ready thinking about #evfn (east valley friday nights) tonight. It's at my favorite place, Whole Foods Tapas Bar. I couldn't decide which top to wear, so I put three aside for later.

Showered- time check! I think I'm hungry. Of course I'm hungry- I just worked out and all I had was coffee!

Eww. I guess I need to take care of this at some point. But first things first...

Loads of protein, low fat, and really the taste isn't too bad.

Hey- how did that bagel get there? I also think I still have some Disney fever going on.

While eating, I did a few retakes of lines for an upcoming podcast a friend is doing (not going into detail because I don't know if he wants it public yet).

Finished recording before I finished eating.... so I checked in on twitter and facebook.

Finished eating, and look ma no more dirty dishes!

This pic is really just to shock my husband. I bet he didn't know I knew where it was!

Time Check! Geez... less than an hour until I get the kids. And I haven't even looked at Google Reader yet!

Ahhh.... Google Reader fix. How else would I know what's happening in the world? While I was browsing, my neighbor gave me a call to tell me about something wonderful on the TV today. So wonderful she called me from inside a movie theatre so she wouldn't forget to let me know. To the DVR Batman!

Is it true? Yes! Yes it is! Justin on Oprah! My neighbor is a true friend.

Time for carpool hour! Yes, I mean hour. You'll see...

Allison transferred up to the school's north campus this year, so I have to travel to two schools, 3 miles apart, in 15 minutes to make both car lines. With all the construction going on along the routes to the school, I leave early, and usually have to wait for a few minutes before getting in the car line. That way I'm not sitting like a dead duck on a busy stree waiting in line.

Stop #1 complete, along with her two classmates I drop off on the way home. Line went slower today- will we make it to main campus in time???? Oh the suspense!!!!!!!1!!

Whew! Made it! Good thing, I might have had to get OUT of the van to get her then...

Looks like someone got a hold of the camera...

Home. Took a little longer today because I ran into even more construction on the way home.

Sam was complaining there was nothing to eat for a snack, so I fixed it the only way a mom can.

Then we chilled on the sofa for a bit. PE days on Friday makes for a tiring end to a school week!

I chilled with her for a bit, but what am I thinking?
"evfn evfn evfn..."

Well, I had a snack. Really wanted the Doritos, but this seemed like the smarter choice. Then what do I hear? The sweet, sweet ping of skype? Why yes! It's Dave, calling conservatives maroons. I politely correct him with the proper Bugs Bunny vocabulary, stating it's actually "ultra-maroon". So he checked my facts:

Oh yeah, I know my stuff. What a gull-a-bull! So I sat through a few cartoons, then realized I should make dinner in the hopes of sneaking away to evfn.

When life hands you ground beef, you stick your hands in it and mush it around, add a few spices and...

...turn around momentarily to see your daughter in a laundry basket, writing in a journal. Ok then.

as I was saying... you add some spices and make burgers! I was a good girl, I didn't eat any. I had an ear of corn. I noticed the time, it was after 5:30. Still no hubby. I hadn't changed yet, no make up. My window was closing fast. Then-

He is home! He is home!
He is tired! He is tired!
Poor thing has been a little sick all week, and just looked exhausted. So I made a decision.

No evfn for me.
It's all good though- because tomorrow I am going to lunch w/some friends, have a meeting for PodcampAZ, and next week? Big fund raiser concert for the radio station! Bret ended up taking the girls out to buy kites for a father/daughter Girl Scout event tomorrow, so I BET I could have snuck away...

What was scary though is when I looked up from the computer to realize I was alone, and Hannah Montana was still on the TV. Hmm... let's do something about this...

MUCH better. Watched the Oprah recorded from earlier while watching #evfn, #earthhour, and #tcot on the twitter feed site Monitter. Am I old enough to be a cougar yet? I think I still have a few years, but I could always be his stalker until then!

So, after that was over I did the dinner dishes, and realized I was still just sitting and browsing online. The girls were kind of doing their own thing, Bret was on the other computer doing something. So I figured that was probably it for my day. At least where documenting it was concerned.

So there is a typical day of my life. Even though this was one of the more drab ones, it was still kind of neat to look back on it and see exactly what I did (or did not) do. I might do it again in the future, maybe when I know I've got more things on my plate for the day! Thanks for sticking it out to the painful end!


greg said...

Saw your twitter post about this blog. Interesting idea. It is after midnight here now so I'll have to come back tomorrow to read it.

Treasure this comment. It is really hard to get comments.

Jen Tucker said...

Neat! I love looking at other people's days. Thanks for playing. :)