Monday, June 12, 2006

The perfect weekend

Saturday, the matriarch of the Cutler clan (known affectionately as G.G. to the girls), turned an ever-young 84. We visited bearing food, flowers, off-key songs and hearts full of love.

Every day she remains on this earth is a blessing.

Sunday, we were finally able to take Bret out for his birthday surprise (bday was last Thursday). The girls were SO excited- they kept their mouths shut for well over a week. So, we blindfolded the man...

and took him to what I can only describe as a pizza place on crack, Amazing Jake's. You might be wondering if this was really for the girls, but I tell you, my 36-year-old boy was quite pleased. We met up with some friends so we could get a group rate with unlimited spastic, seizure-inducing adventures, along with a food buffet that puts Chuck-E-Cheese to shame.

We also learned that having your daughters be in charge of a spinning teacup is just a horrible, horrible idea....

I did get to let out some aggression ramming into a Republican on the bumper cars... it was most gratifying. ;-)

All-in-all it ended up being a perfect afternoon, and an excellent weekend.

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Schnugglebunnums said...

I wish we could've been there!!! :-(