Friday, December 23, 2005

I still have 10 toes!

I really thought I was going to lose a couple after walking around Edaville Railroad last night. It was a good hour and a half drive away. We stopped for dinner in the middle, and made it just in time to make the last train ride of the night. The kids were in heaven- I think they were waiting for it to take off like The Polor Express! These are the reasons I just love this time of year, the magic of the whole season, and the light that never seems to go out in the kid's eyes.

But OMFG- people walk around in this weather?? We took the kids on some rides afterwards, and seriously I couldn't feel my poor feet after like 20 minutes! Poor Samantha, after her meltdown (she is doing alot of those lately) about not going on the exact amount of rides as her sister, had quite the chaffed cheeks from the cold. The poor dear.

Today has been lazy. We're waiting for Mom and Dad to arrive with the Aunt(s), Katie's baking cookies, the girls are outside with their cousin making BIGGER snowmen with Bret and Brett (yes we both married a Bret(t) ), and well you know where I am. :-)

Sitting here surfing, chatting with my sister, and now I hear my younger nephew waking from his nap, so I will go smother him now.

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